Code of conduct

Dear Student

Due to recent events we have discovered that lot of students are coming to india to get certified in yoga teaching because the same is expensive in their country and also with no eagerness to learn the science.Therefore we are putting forth the following conditions which have to be understood and acknowledged by you through email before signing up.

1.I understand that the yoga teacher training is a demanding 4 week experience
2.I Understand whether i live in the ashram or outside i will behave properly in the yoga shala and obey all the rules given by the teachers
3.I understand and will not question the credibility of any teacher.
4.I will be attentive, humble,receptive and patient throughout the course.
5.I understand that certification is solely under the discretion of the management.
6.I understand that the ashram is not a hotel or resort and accomodation and facilities provided by the school are basic.
7.I understand if i want to make arrangements for my own accomodation i will arrive earlier.
8.I understand that the teachers can be critical in their approach.
9.I Understand i will maintain absolute silence in the yogashala.
10.I understand i will maintain integrity with other students.
11.I understand i will not indulge in alcohol or drugs.
12.I understand i will maintain safety and cleanliness of the place i will live.
13.I understand the the management has all rights to approach me in case iam not following any of the rules above.

We advise students not to signup for the programe if they are looking at the teacher training as a yoga holiday.The teacher training is not a yoga holiday or retreat nor a therapeutic programe to heal diseases of the body or mind.The student is expected to maintain normal health physically and mentally.In this case the student may signup for a yoga retreat.

Refund Policy (For 200H Teacher Training Courses)
1. Deposits are not refundable.
2.In case the student makes his/her own arrangement for accomodation.No refunds on withdrawl of accomodation is possible
2. After paying the Full Amount at the time of registration, the student can withdraw from the teacher training within four (4)days from the starting date of the TTC. In this case, the deposit will not be refunded, but the remaining amount paid at the time of registration will be fully refunded.