Basic Meditation Class

osho's profound work on meditation contains a wide variety of methods which can help us to discover what he calls "meditation:the first and last freedom.

He says about meditation:


Goal of Meditation.

Meditation is not something new; you have come with it into the world. mind is something new, meditation is your nature. it is your nature, it is your very being. your inner being is nothing but the inner sky. clouds come and go, plants are born and disappear, stars arise and die, and the inner sky remains the same,untouched,untarnished,unscarred.we call that inner sky the sakshin,the witness and that is the whole goal of meditation.


Meaning of meditation

My concern is with growth. you must grow to become one, to become whole, to become sane. am not going to force sanity upon you. rather I am going to bring out your insanity. when it is pulled out completely, thrown into the wind, sanity will happen to you. you will grow. you will be transformed. that is the meaning of meditations.


The basic meditation class (each class lasts for an hour) will contain one of the following meditations

1. Osho nadabramha meditation

2. Osho nataraj meditation

3. Osho kundalini meditation

4. Osho dynamic meditation

An advanced course may contain more techniques discuss with the teacher

You can email us at for price details for a basic meditation class and advanced course.