Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training

Abhijna School of Yoga -  offers Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga TTC
Course Dates:                  February 16th - March 3rd, 2015
Course Pre-Requisites:  Any 200H TTC with a Yoga Alliance Certified Institution

Course Contents (85 Hours)                                              

Yoga foundations
      • Why yoga in pregnancy?
  • Stages of pregnancy
  • Foundations of practice
  • Surya Namaskara adapted to each trimester

Early pregnancy
  • Basic pelvic alignment
  • Spinal rolls
  • The Thunderbolt
  • Easy Triangle
  • Adapted Shoulderstand
  • Shoulder stretches
  • Sitting stretches
  • Breath and awareness
  • Lesson Plan for First Trimester

Mid Pregnancy

  • Alignment of spine
  • Sun salutation
  • Standing twists
  • Easy Triangle to moon
  • Advanced triangle to moon
  • Easy Archer to Warrior
  • Tree pose
  • Standing Hip openers
  • Strong centring poses
  • Easy Kneeling stretches
  • Dynamic Kneeling Stretches
  • Advanced Kneeling Stretches
  • Sitting chair stretches
  • Sitting stretches
  • Wide-open stretches
  • Pelvic floor stretches
  • Breath awareness
  • Breathing techniques
  • Active relaxation
  • Lesson Plan for Second Trimester


  • Alignment of spine
  • Sun salutation
  • Circular stretches
  • warrior to wall
  • Yoga dance
  • Sitting stretches
  • Wide Kneeling Stretches
  • Yoga For better sleep
  • Yoga For labour
  • Lesson Plan for Third Trimester
  • Video "Pre-natal Yoga for each trimester"

YouTube Video

Post-Natal yoga
  • Post-Natal Surya Namaskara
  • Abdominal Stretches
  • Gentle Back stretches
  • Sitting twists
  • Kneeling stretches
  • Kneeling sun salutation
  • Standing sun salutation
  • Standing forward bend
  • Rolling plough
Post-Natal Lesson Plan
  • Chakra Sounds
  • Nadabramha(humming meditation)
  • Techniques from osho's Book of Secrets
  • Latihan
  • Gourishankar
  • Vipassana

Anatomy and Physiology during Pregnancy

  • Video "In the Womb"
  • General Anatomical and Physiological Changes During Pregnancy
    • Overview of what is normal anatomy and physiology during pregnancy
    • How organs function
    • Complications (Miscarriage, Premature Labor, Preclampsia)

Yoga Philosopy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Prenatal Yoga Teachers

  • Based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Teaching Practicum

  • The student should lead minimum a mixed class for all trimesters as well as one for post-natal yoga according to the guidelines given above.
  • We encourage students to use their knowledge and create their own sequence of sun salutations depending on the trimester the future mother is currently in

Total: 85 hours

Total Contact Hours: 75

Total Non-Contact Hours: 10 

Non-contact hours refers to study hours as well as homework given to the student.